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We have updated the design of our popular hobby horses, and made it even easier to bring your hobby horse on an adventure. The new smart, exquisite corduroy backpack makes it even easier to take your hobby horse with you when visiting friends.
The wooden pole of the hobby horse is now 40 cm long, so the total height of the horse is 68 cm. The shorter pole can be an advantage when jumping over obstacles.  

What do you like best? Playing knights or cowboys and Indians? Or do you prefer playing riding school and jumping over obstacles, galloping or practising dressage?
Do you love cuddling, hugging, grooming and feeding, or practising making beautiful dressage braids and putting the bridle on and taking it off? The possibilities are endless, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to hobby horse activities. That’s what makes it so perfect for playing both outdoors and indoors.

The byASTRUP® hobby horses are wonderfully soft and come in 6 different colours and designs. They are all completely tame and very cute, so you’ll have no problem finding a personal favourite. All the horses come with a bridle, and it is also possible to purchase other designs.

If you’re in search of inspiration for jumps, horse care and beautiful horse show prizes, byASTRUP® has several products in its hobby horse universe.