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“Happy Birthday, dear Lisa. Happy birthday to you…”

The new gingerbread woman in the MAMAMEMO® range is fun, educational and perfect for the toy kitchen.

Denmark is one of the few countries in the world with a tradition, in which families serve gingerbread men and women at children’s birthday parties.

So it seems perfectly natural to let children carry on this tradition in their role play with this adorable wooden gingerbread woman – with delicious sweets too, of course.

The MAMAMEMO® gingerbread woman has been tested and approved for children under the age of 3, so even the youngest of children can now play birthdays

with dolls and teddy bears as well.

The gingerbread woman is nicely decorated with candles and sweets, which can be removed and put on. Even the ‘liquorice hair’ can be replaced.

The gingerbread woman can be taken apart into several pieces. For safety reasons, she is assembled using small plastic dowels instead of Velcro.

The sweets and candles can also be removed and put on again.

Initially the holes/dowels will be a little tight to prevent them coming apart.  So, we encourage parents to help the child in the beginning, until the holes get ‘worn in’.

Our wooden toys are made specifically with learning and entertainment in mind.

All our toys comply with current European toy safety regulations and are CE marked.