Play Food

Children love playing with food, both the real kind and that which is only intended for play, so no play kitchen would be complete without play food.
While designing the MAMAMEMO® wooden play food, we constantly had to bear in mind that everything should be easy for children to relate to. We constantly strive to ensure that the play food resembles real food, in terms of both appearance and shape, so children can recognise it from everyday life and thus have a realistic experience.
We also believe it is important to make top quality play food out of FSC-certified wood, because it must be able to withstand endless hours of play.
All our wooden play food has been tested and approved in accordance with applicable rules, so we are certain, for example, that your child will not be exposed to hazardous substances if they put it in their mouth.
There is a huge selection of MAMAMEMO play food. View it here:
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