Doll House and Accessories

by ASTRUP® dollhouses and dollhouse furniture - Create an environment to encourage role play.

Playing with dollhouses is an important part of role play. It helps children process experiences and conflicts in their lives, and play can help them tackle situations

that can be difficult to relate to.

When children play with other children, they also learn to understand that there are other ways to perceive and do things. They learn to understand how others think,

and they put this into practice in role play. They learn acceptance and consideration for others.

Our by ASTRUP® dollhouses – the Dreamhouse and the Townhouse – are a perfect basis for children’s role play. They can design and decorate the dollhouses with

beautiful by ASTRUP dollhouse furniture.

The furniture features beautiful Nordic design and is made of such materials as beech wood and painted MDF. It is also sturdy and can withstand many hours of play.

The dollhouse range includes a kitchen, bedroom, children’s/play room and classroom.