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Young Horse Lovers

The horse is often one of the very first animals we become familiar with as children. That is totally understandable, when we see how beautiful and graceful horses are. Neighing like a horse – like barking like a dog, miaowing like a cat etc. – is one of the first animal sounds children learn.
As children grow up, many children dream of going riding – even of having their own horse. Both boys and girls get interested in horses, but often in different ways. Put simplistically, girls love caressing horses. They can curry and groom a horse for hours. Boys, on the other hand, are more into action, and love galloping and jumping.
Riding, and especially owning a horse, can be expensive. There are expenses for stabling, feed, blacksmith, vet, care, riding equipment etc. So, a good alternative might be a Hobby Horse
Hobby Horse
There are two definitions of ‘Hobby Horse’. So what actually is a Hobby Horse?
The word can be both a noun and an expression. On one hand, a Hobby Horse is a toy consisting of a pole with a fabric or wooden horse’s head attached to one end. It is a classic toy that has existed since the end of the 19th century, and that many children love to this day. On the other hand, a ‘Hobby Horse’ is a subject, to which someone attaches great importance and speaks constantly about – a principle or a passionate belief.

byASTRUP also loves horses. We are also passionate about helping to boost every element of a child’s development with play and toys. All our passions come together in our Hobby Horse range.
byASTRUP has designed a variety of Hobby Horses that can be used by boys and girls of all ages. Hobby Horse riding is an active game, increasing the heart rate and putting all the muscles to use, thereby boosting motor development. It has been scientifically proven that physical activity, as well as being good for motor development, is also very good for mental and cognitive development.
There is nothing like riding a Hobby Horse, when it comes to stimulating children’s imagination and role play. There are so many different ways of playing with a Hobby Horse. You can be a wild cowboy, riding around the prairie, a charmingly beautiful circus princess, a handsome knight or a brilliant show-jumper. The sky’s the limit.
Hobby Horsing.
In Finland, for many years – and since 2012 officially – Hobby Horsing has been a sport, and a huge number of youngsters are passionate about it. Thousands of children and young people between the ages of 10 and 18 practise this sport and train several hours a week in preparation for competitions. It takes athletic ability and a lot of training to tackle the jumps. Some of the obstacles are more than one metre high.
In Denmark Hobby Horsing has also become incredibly popular, and the Danish Equestrian Federation now regards Hobby Horsing as a branch of equestrian sport, both at competitions and at other social events. There are several clubs throughout Denmark where you can practise the sport. In some places, they even use Hobby Horses for training before children learn how to control a real horse. Children learn a lot about caring for the horse, balance, gaits etc.
byASTRUP Hobby Horses are suitable both for Hobby Horsing and ordinary role play.
Caring for a real horse requires hard work. You cannot say the same about a Hobby Horse. Nonetheless, when role playing, children will have fun feeding the horse with carrots, apples etc., grooming it and maybe even decorating it with beads or silk ribbons and bows.                                                                                                                                                                        
Older girls love styling the mane, plaiting it or ornamenting it with pretty rosebuds. All byASTRUP horses have long yarn hair, making it possible to make the mane look really elegant.
Having your own stable and cabinet for storing curry combs, horse blankets etc. is a must for any horse-lover. Take a good look at the Hobby Horses and accessories on the byASTRUP website. You are bound to find something indispensable for the young Hobby Horse rider.