Who is byASTRUP®? A world of toys, interior items and accessories for children. A luxury brand for children, byASTRUP® is one of the 2 brands operated by the Danish company ASTRUP Group A/S.    
We are a passionate brand, putting our heart and soul into developing and designing unique wooden and fabric products.
byASTRUP products are luxurious and stylish, and designed in beautiful, subtle Nordic colours. The aim of all byASTRUP products is to help enhance the magical, playful universe of children. Our products encourage play and creativity, and bring joy every single day.
We firmly believe that toys should be beautiful to look at. The same applies to our elegant boxes.

ByASTRUP and Childhood Memories
byASTRUP believes in creating beautiful memories of childhood. Our intention is to create new adventures, in which play takes on completely new dimensions in a magical, adventurous world – a dream universe. When designing products, our key words are love, dreams, magic, adventure and nostalgia. Top quality and consideration for the environment are also priorities.

byASTRUP Products
The byASTRUP collection features luxury toys and play furniture with impressive details:

-Hobby Horses, Hobby Horse Stable, Stable Cabinet, Care Set and Hobby Horse Accessories
byASTRUP has everything for the Hobby Horse universe. We have different colours and different breeds of Hobby Horses and numerous Hobby Horse accessories. Children can feed and groom the Hobby Horses, put on their fly hats and halters, and house the in our Hobby Horse stable, which has space for 2 horses. Children can easily store their Hobby Horse and rider accessories in the byASTRUP stable cabinet and, when it comes to mucking out the Hobby Horse stable, we definitely recommend our wheelbarrow and stable set.

-Cuddle Dolls
byASTRUP has the loveliest cuddle dolls. The soft dolls are ready for cuddling and kissing, and children can use them from when they are very young and throughout their childhood. They may have different personalities, but they have one thing in common. They are all ready for your child to shower them with love, hugs and kisses. The dolls are of course machine washable.

-Doll Prams
If your child loves playing with dolls, byASTRUP has a range of stunning, retro-inspired doll prams that evoke the childhood of grandma or granddad. All the doll prams are handmade in rattan and come in several beautiful, muted colours. The key words are nostalgia and dreams.

-Doll Carrycots
We have both corduroy and knitted carrycots for dolls in various colours and sizes – all with incredibly cute details. The corduroy carrycots have a removable hood and flap, and both they and our knitted carrycots come with duvets and pillows, so children can tuck in their dolls and teddies for a sound night’s sleep.

-Doll Bed, Doll Changing Table, Doll High Chair, Doll Stroller
byASTRUP has designed a range of unique doll furniture that is sturdy enough for endless play. The furniture features the familiar byASTRUP style – simple and Nordic – and the colours were chosen to match any children’s room. If you want to put a smile on the face of your child with doll furniture that looks like real baby furniture and is just as sturdy, then the byASTRUP doll furniture is the perfect choice.

-Doll Care Set
It goes without saying that doll babies, like real babies, also need to be washed, dressed and cared for. That is why byASTRUP also has beautiful, realistic sets and care sets that are indispensable accessories, when your child plays with their dolls. These sets will inspire endless hours of role play.

-Dressing Table, Table Mirror, Jewellery Stands
If you are looking for furniture or mirrors for a little girl who needs to do her hair or beautify herself, look no further. byASTRUP has it all. We have elegant makeup tables, table mirrors and jewellery stands for a child’s bedroom.
We have a simple, stylish dressing table that looks great in any home. The table has a 3-winged mirror and a small drawer for storing the likes of makeup and a brush. If there is no space in the room for a table, we highly recommend the small table mirror. It features a tilting mirror and a small drawer, and is perfect if space is limited. The series also includes a beautiful jewellery stand with room for all your child’s rings, bracelets and necklaces. The jewellery stand is also perfect for all forms of hair decorations.

-Makeup Set, Hairdresser Set, Barber Set
Want to inspire your children? Then give them byASTRUP products. We celebrate the joys of role play, so we have designed some wonderful sets that enhance this kind of play: the byASTRUP makeup set, the byASTRUP hairdresser set and the byASTRUP barber set.
All sets feature numerous individual elements, so children can play alone or with their friends. Little children in particular will love to do their mum’s makeup and hair, or shave their dad.

-Capes, Skirts, Veils
All it takes is a simple costume to inspire play. byASTRUP has a range of beautiful, airy tulle capes, skirts and veils, all of which are brilliant for dressing up. All items come in several colours.

-Educational Toys
byASTRUP also has a great range of educational toys for children of all ages. For example, for very young children, we have pop-up toys, hammer boards and animal puzzles. For older children, we have wooden numbers for early arithmetic, an educational clock and a game for teaching them shapes and fractions.
The by ASTRUP® brand arose from a need to process our grief from having lost our youngest daughter, while at the same time passing on Marie´s caring nature and sense of creativity. That is why I, Anette Astrup Petersen, established the by ASTRUP® brand in 2018.
Our biggest wish is for no one to have to die of cancer in the future, and for no families to have to go through what we did. By buying the by ASTRUP products with Marie’s butterfly, you are supporting a truly important cause.
Every year, we donate Marie’s entire salary to the Children’s Cancer Foundation (Børnecancerfonden) in the hope that our contribution can help make a difference and make our biggest wish - a world without cancer – become a reality someday.
We want to be part of creating a safe future for our children
Global warming, food waste, too much plastic in the natural environment etc. – everyday life is shaped by challenges for all of us. No-one – politicians, companies, organisation or consumers – can solve these challenges alone and ensure a safe future for our children. We all have a shared responsibility – we must stand together and each of us must do our part to help solve these enormous challenges. Small or big – everything we do makes a difference.
We can take responsibility and do our part by focusing on and working according to the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among other initiatives.