Hobby Horse Accessories

The byASTRUP Hobby Horse universe features just about everything you need when you own one or more Hobby Horses.
For example, the range includes a stable, where the horse can rest after the day’s exercise. There is room in the stable for 2 horses, and on the sides of the horse box there is a feeding trough and a hay rack, so the horses can eat their fill. When something comes in, something also needs to come out. So, a byASTRUP broom and shovel are an absolute necessity when it comes to mucking out the horse droppings.
If you want to pamper and beautify your horse, we have a care set with treats and combs, and a set with a horse blanket and hood. There are also sets for horse and rider for role play involving dastardly knights in armour.
All the Hobby Horse and rider gear can be stored in the byASTRUP saddle cabinet, and on the outside of the cabinet you can hang the stable tools from the stable set.
Explore the site and find the perfect gift for your Hobby Horse-loving child.