Dolls Universe

Playing with dolls helps children develop.
That is not just a claim, but the conviction of many psychologists and early childhood educators. Play helps develop numerous skills in children – social, emotional, linguistic etc.
We at MAMAMEMO® take this very seriously, so our range features both dolls and an extensive selection of everything needed when children really take to playing with dolls and require all kinds of accessories. The doll’s mother or father will definitely appreciate a bed for their doll to sleep in, a new nappy, a feeding bottle, a bicycle seat and helmet for the picnic etc. etc.


Play is amazing. When you play, you learn about the world. Everyone probably has wonderful memories of their childhood, when playing was the be-all and end-all. When your imagination was unbridled and you felt that everything was great. In our memories, many of the games took place on lovely warm sunny days with bright blue skies. Everyone was happy!
The goal of ASTRUP Group is to design toys that can help create amazing, happy childhood memories. We are particularly interested in facilitating role play, which is a very important part of play for children between the ages of 3 and 5. So, MAMAMEMO® designed a series of dolls, doll clothes and lots of doll accessories for the favourite doll.
Dolls or teddy bears are some of the first toys that children encounter and play with for many years. Over the years, dolls have always been one of the most popular toys for girls. Fortunately, many boys now also enjoy playing with dolls – particularly very young boys – but girls are still the major doll lovers.
Playing with dolls develops many different skills – important, fundamental skills that will serve the children throughout their lives. Playing with dolls generates the first role-playing games. Children process and imitate situations they have experienced at home, at the kindergarten etc.
Whether the child plays alone or together with other children, they develop in all areas – motor, social, cognitive and linguistic. They learn to relate to the world and other people.
Many people give a child their first doll when they are very young. At that age, the child cannot yet play with the doll, but can hug it for comfort.
By the time a child reaches the age of 2, their ability to play is more developed, their imagination is more creative and they begin to assume small roles. They can tuck up the doll in bed, just as they love to be tucked up, or give the doll its feeding bottle, just as they have seen their mother or father giving a younger sibling its feeding bottle. Maybe the doll needs its hair combed, just as the child gets their hair combed. Children act out what they experience, and they observe and imitate adults in everyday situations.
Later, around the age of 3, you will see a child talking TO their doll. The role play has become more sophisticated, and the child can alternate between several roles. The child not only speaks TO the doll, but also speaks FOR the doll.
When playing with dolls, children assume the role of adult and invest their doll with baby characteristics – the doll ‘comes to life’. Children want to care for, and comfort their doll when it is sad. Play thereby trains children’s empathic skills.
The best way to play with dolls is to incorporate doll accessories, which help make the play more realistic and exciting.
Doll clothes, doll nappies, feeding bottles, doll carrycots etc. MAMAMEMO has everything for dolls. Changing the doll, and giving it a fresh nappy and fresh clothes is the best game. When it is time for the doll to go to bed, MAMAMEMO also has the solution. We have both a doll bed and various beautiful corduroy carrycots to put the doll in – not to mention gorgeous doll prams.
A doll pram and buggy will always be a sure hit with any young doll’s mother or father. There is nothing better than settling the doll in the pram and going for a stroll out in the sunshine, just as your mother and father do with your baby sister or brother.
If it rains, or if there are a few too many insects, it does not matter. We also have both a mosquito net and rain cover for the doll carriages.
Sometimes the doll needs to be changed during the walk, but that is no problem either. Just bring a care bag with nappies, clothes and a feeding bottle. If the doll needs cleaning and dressing, just unfold the care bag and - voilà! - the pad is ready for changing the doll’s nappy.
If you are taking the doll on a bike ride, it is easy to screw the MAMAMEMO bicycle seat on the bike, put on the doll’s cute bicycle helmet and head off.
Take a look at the full range of MAMAMEMO doll games and you are bound to find something to make your child, grandchild, nephew or niece happy.