Fashion Bags

Bumbags, Mobile Pouch, Backpacks, Gym Bags……. byASTRUP has them all.
If you are looking for a bag for your child, check out our styles and find them the perfect bag. The byASTRUP bag universe features many different designs, all of which are both smart and practical for children. What about a nostalgic corduroy backpack that evokes your very first childhood backpack. Or a trendy mobile phone bag for organising your mobile phone, money and keys? Or a bumbag, so your child can play, while looking after their keys or money? If your child likes bling, you can also find this in the collection. The bumbags come in both corduroy and silver and pink glitter.
Check out all the byASTRUP bags. You are bound to find the perfect bag for your child.

A girl can never have too many bags……

Like all of us women on the byASTRUP® team, most women have probably had their fair share of bags since their childhood. They started with small children’s bags for bibs and bobs and all those other treasures children use bags for. Then came an endless round of school bags for the practical storage of books, writing implements, lunch boxes – and love letters.
Today, nearly all women – and some men – have not just one bag, but several, which they consider absolutely indispensable. Women do not go anywhere without a bag. At work, on a date, shopping, going for a walk with the baby – women always carry at least one bag. The bag is obviously used as practical storage for purse, mobile phone, glasses, laptop, notebooks, lipstick, hairbrush etc., but is also very much an accessory. The choice of material, colour, size and shape all help enhance your style. A bag can help spice up an outfit as an important detail in our styling.

There are bags for everything and for everyone – children’s bags, women’s bags, men’s bags. Bags for everyday use and special occasions. Bags for shopping or a laptop. There are bags for sport enthusiasts for carrying sports gear, racquets, skates etc. There are bicycle bags and bags for transporting pets. And that is just a few – the list is long.

There are also bags in all price ranges, depending on the label inside. Brands like Chanel, Gucci, Mulberry and Louis Vuitton are clearly at the high end of the price range, whereas byASTRUP bags are budget-friendly.

The byASTRUP Bag Collection for Children and Youngsters.

Our byASTRUP bag collection features bags for every occasion. These Nordic style bags are designed to be used by all girls and boys – both little girls and little boys, bigger girls and bigger boys and teenage girls and boys. The bags are made of corduroy, which is incredibly comfortable to carry and also enhances a relaxed look. The corduroy evokes the retro style that we love at byASTRUP, while new, trendy details make the bags contemporary and modern. All the bags come in a variety of subtle colours and are perfect for the kindergarten, sport, weekend trips, playing etc.

byASTRUP Bumbag
A rose by any other name… The same is true of the bumbag - also known as a belly bag. You can either strap the bag around your tummy or fling it over your shoulder.
After being ‘out’ for several years, bumbags are now ‘in’ again. Thy have become trendy and incredibly popular with both children and adults. For children, a bumbag is extremely practical, when they want to be sure they have their keys, bus pass and money. It also means children have their hands free for playing. The bag is small, but has plenty of room for the essentials.

byASTRUP Gym Bag
When there is sport on the school timetable or when your child goes to leisure activities, they need a bag. The byASTRUP gym bag is practical for an incredible number of purposes:
-When your child needs sports gear for activities such as badminton, gymnastics, football or other sports.
-When your child goes to music lessons and has to carry sheet music there and back.
-When your child goes to scouts and needs to take their whittling knife, head light and extra sweater.  
-When your child may be going on a little excursion and has to bring their own packed lunch and drinks.
The byASTRUP gym bag has several pockets, so children can separate the contents.

byASTRUP Mobile Pouch
Most of us want to take really good care of our mobile phone, so what is more obvious than having a tough mobile pouch – a little bag that enables you to have your mobile phone with you at all times, without worrying about it getting scratched or dirty.
If you want to help your child look after their phone, buy them a byASTRUP mobile bag. There is plenty of room for a mobile phone, along with money and a bus pass – each in its own little compartment.

byASTRUP Backpack for Children
A retro-inspired backpack for any child who wants to carry their own bag to day care.
-If your child is going to stay with their grandparents, for example, a byASTRUP backpack is just the thing. There is plenty of room for the book with the best bedtime story, together with the teddy bear and any favourite toys they simply must take with them.
-If your child is going on a short trip, there is a room in the backpack for a packed lunch, a drinking bottle, some fruit and extra socks.
-If your child has to have a change of clothes at the day care centre, there is room in the backpack for extra underwear, tops and trousers.

byASTRUP Round Backpack for Children
What about a different kind of backpack for your child? The byASTRUP round backpack is incredibly cute and useful, if the family happens to be going on a little weekend trip. Let your child take some toys and maybe some little books with them. This little backpack means a child can carry everything themselves.

byASTRUP Crossbody for Children
Most women own a smart, practical crossbody bag. If your child wants something similar to yours, the byASTRUP crossbody bag is bound to be a hit. This all-purpose bag has room for purse, mobile phone, keys, sunglasses, scrunchy and other important treasures your child will no doubt want to take when you all go on a trip. The bag is also smart when hanging at a diagonal across the body – just like mum’s. Naturally the bag has an adjustable strap, so they can adjust the length.