The by ASTRUP® assortment is a Danish brand with a passion for creating unique, creative, high-quality products for a Nordic-style children´s universe.
Our MAMAMEMO® brand is your guarantee for developing, fun and colorful toys in high quality and unique design for the joy and benefit of all play children.
Larsen Puzzles are designed and produced in Norway by the company of the same name.

All children love dressing up and role playing with other children. Even a simple costume can spark the imagination, enabling a child to be the person or animal they want to be.
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Our 25th anniversary
On 25 April 2022, it was 25 years since the day since Anette and Poul Erik purchased the Danish toy company AM Konfektion. Later known as ASTRUP Group.

The history of ASTRUP Group A/S is more than just the tale of a successful toy company. It is the story of a business where the family and – in particular – the tragic loss of a child are key aspects of the company’s DNA. It’s been a 25-year journey of play and learning – both as company owners and private individuals. We try to keep moving all the time, but we have to admit that not all movement has been forwards. The past 25 years have truly been 25 years of ups and downs …

We design toys and interiors for the two brands: MAMAMEMO and by ASTRUP. These brands are of great personal significance to the owners, Anette and Poul Erik. At ASTRUP Group, the family is a core component of the company’s DNA; in fact MAMAMEMO is made up of the first two letters of each of our four children’s names: Marie, Mads, Mette and Morten.
In addition to providing inspiration for the name, our children were our toy testers when they were young, and they helped out with the actual work as well: stuffing filling in the duvet/pillow sets, putting poppers in the dolls’ clothes and so on. The role of toy tester has now been handed down to our grandchildren.