Doll Universe

If you want to introduce fun and a touch of nostalgia into the nursery, byASTRUP dolls and doll accessories are perfect buys. We have designed a range of products we hope will evoke memories of playing with your favourite doll as a child, forming the basis for wonderful new memories for your child. In terms of the design, materials and colour of the products, we opted for the nostalgic, Nordic retro style. We also believed it was important for the products to look decorative in a children’s room or living room in a modern family home.

Wonderful Memories of Childhood

Close your eyes and let your thoughts stray back to your childhood, when you and your girlfriends played with your favourite dolls. Perhaps on a warm summer’s day, walking around the garden with your doll prams, in which your ‘babies’ were sleeping safe and sound.  Once you started role playing, you forgot both time and place.
Role Play
At byASTRUP® we love role play. We love supporting and paving the way for this sort of game, so children can live out their dreams and fantasies, and use their creativity. Role play assists every area of children’s development.
When children are between 1 and 1½ years old, they start imitating adults – particularly their parents – and begin playing with dolls and caring for them as they themselves are cared for, or as they see a little brother or sister being cared for by mum and dad. Children think it is fun to give the doll its feeding bottle and tucking it in under the duvet in a doll bed or carrycot. Children practise situations that are familiar to them.
Every age and every culture have had its dolls. Back in the late 19th century, dolls depicted women or big girls. Not until later, in the early 20th century, were the first baby dolls produced. In the early days, dolls were made of wood, then of paper mâché and porcelain. By the end of the 19th century, celluloid dolls were the most widespread.
Since the mid-1990s, dolls have mainly been made from plastic and vinyl. Today, it is also possible to buy dolls in all shapes and sizes, and all prices. Small dolls, large dolls, fabric dolls, talking dolls, dolls that can pee, light dolls, dark dolls, dolls with disabilities etc.
In certain other cultures, dolls are used for purposes other than play. Take voodoo dolls, for example, which play a major role in religious rituals.
For many years, antique dolls have also been popular collector’s items for adults: on account of their nostalgic value, their beauty, their historical significance or their financial value.

As mentioned before, byASTRUP loves role play. We love beautiful design, sustainable materials and durable products. We also love making products that can help create wonderful memories of childhood for all children.
Nostalgic Doll Prams
We have put all the things we just described into every single one of our toys. Who can resist our incredibly beautiful retro-style doll prams? The doll prams resemble the ones granny used to play with and evoke warm childhood memories. By buying one of our nostalgic prams, you may help create wonderful childhood memories of your child’s or grandchild’s favourite doll.
Doll Accessories
Our byASTRUP doll accessories also combine beautiful design, sustainable materials and durable products with toys that help develop role play – for example, our doll care set. Everything is made of wood and, as in all our other toys, the wood is FSC certified. We have used as little paint as possible, allowing the natural wood of the products to shine. In this case, it is beech wood. We think the products are aesthetically beautiful and delightful to the touch. The fact that they are also realistic reflects our aim when designing products. We want children to love them and use them when playing with their dolls.
Naturally, our doll play range also includes changing bags, carrycots and doll furniture. The changing bags and carrycots feature numerous intricate details and are made of corduroy, which we believe enhances the delicate, yet nostalgic experience you get by looking at these products. Of course, the doll carrycots fit into the doll prams.
Nostalgia is one of the elements that goes into the design of byASTRUP doll furniture.

Cuddle Dolls
Last but not least, byASTRUP also has dolls, but we have deliberately chosen only to carry fabric dolls. We have designed them to be used as babies’ first dolls. They are cute, soft, cuddly and washable. We also hope that the chosen doll will follow the child through the years and become their FAVOURITE DOLL.
Dolls and accessories are an indispensable part of any children’s room, so explore our universe. You are bound to find something for the apple of your eye.