Tool Shop

But, if you have a small child who is fond of tools and who would love to act as your little carpenter, mechanic or whatever, we have everything they will need.
Our range features a wooden toy workbench and a huge range of tools – all made of wood, which is of course FSC®-certified.
Boost your children’s imagination and creativity by letting them build, hammer and screw with tools they cannot get injured with.
Do you have a handyman or woman in the house? A real DIY enthusiast who can never get enough tools and who thinks that there is always just one more tool they should own, even though the garage or shed is already filled to the brim with drills, clamps, hammers, screwdrivers or whatever. One who can spend hours in a DIY centre perusing screws and nails....
If that description fits you, you are far from the only one. Many take great pride in taking care of repairs – both large and small – and with different degrees of success!
All the tools are probably finely positioned on a wall or shelves to provide an overview of the entire collection.
If you have children, they will probably also watch you going about your various tasks with admiration. They want to help with everything and do what you do – they want to be involved. But often it is not that easy. Tools can be dangerous and children may hammer and screw in inappropriate places. So, let children have their own tools. Then they can join in safely and have fun – without getting injured.
Today there are very different tools for children of all ages. MAMAMEMO® has chosen to concentrate on the needs of the youngest children. The toys need to look like mum’s and dad’s – realistic – but still be toys. The tools should spark children’s imagination and inspire play, while also making them feel involved in any projects you might be working on. Our toys are made of lovely beech wood, which is of course FSC certified.
MAMAMEMO has all kinds of tools. They all look like real tools, but they are made of wood and of course tested and approved in accordance with strict European regulations. So they are safe to play with.
We have saws, hammers, pliers, wrenches, angle gauges, carpenters rulers etc. Sometimes you might need an extra bit of help, so a screwdriver can come in handy. If the glue between two pieces of wood has to dry for some hours, it is a good idea to place it in a clamp, so you do not have to walk around with it for ages and can get on with other jobs. A spirit level is also crucial, when hanging pictures on walls, so they do not look crooked. A smart drill with interchangeable bits is also important, so you can drill holes of different sizes and in all kinds of materials.
If you want your children to learn how to organise all their tools, a tool board is a great idea. Each tool can have its own special place, so everything is in order. The child can learn order and systems.
The stylish MAMAMEMO tool board also looks decorative on the wall of a child’s bedroom or in the shed alongside mum’s and dad’s.
Even if you are not really into DIY, our tools are still great toys for playing and learning. You can chat to your child about what types of tools exist, what they are called and what they are used for. You can also talk about what you need to be careful about when using tools.
Here are some simple games you can play:                                                                                                                                               You say: “I need a stick. But the one I have is far too long. How can I shorten it?” Or: “I have a screw, but how do I get it into the wall?” Let the child tell you what to do and find the appropriate tool.
Maybe your child should have their own workshop corner in the shed or living room. For this purpose, MAMAMEMO has designed a workbench that meets all the criteria for imaginative play and learning. It contains everything, when it comes to playing the role of handyman or tradesman with major creative projects. Children can play car mechanic too. The set also features an oil can and starter cables.
There is also a toolbox, so the child can move around the house with their tools, if something needs repairing in the kitchen, hallway or somewhere else.
Under the workshop game theme, we have a great construction set for children who love screwing things together. Buy the construction set at the same time as the workbench and we can guarantee you will not see your children for hours. They will be completely engrossed in their play. The game is also important. It involves role play, which assists every area of children’s development.
Support your child’s role play.